Have you ever been somewhere that just felt like home, even though you had never been there before? For me, that place has always been Arizona. There is a magic there that can’t be explained, but the vibes are just amazing. I know what you’re thinking.. so what the hell is even in Arizona?! It’s like a desert right?? The answer to that question is YES, it is a desert with so much mysterious beauty that, I promise you, you’ll fall in love! This was my 4th visit and I still didn’t get to see everything this incredible place has to offer (but don’t worry, I will be back lol). This blog with be broken down into THREE sections. I will talk about what there is to do in (and around) Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona first, then I will do the same for Sedona, and the last section will include the other various hotspot locations in Arizona. By the end of this blog, I assure you that you’ll be ready to book your own vacation here!

Things to know before..

Before we get started, I want to give you a few tips on planning your vacation. Many of the wonderful parts of Arizona are spread out throughout the state. It’s not uncommon to have to drive two or three hours to see the popular places and destinations. You’ll more than likely want to plan a stay a in at least two separate parts of the state in order for you to get the full experience (and minimize driving time each day). Some prefer to even make a road trip out of it, but I preferred staying mostly in Scottsdale or Sedona. Keep this in mind when booking your car as well! Two of my vacations in Arizona, I had a convertible to ride around in and I LOVED IT. Was definitely worth the upgrade since you spend a good amount of time cruising around.

PRE-PLAN!!! Have some type of an idea of what tours of hot spots you’re interested in doing and cluster them with anything else that may be nearby (you’ll understand this statement more later on in the blog). This is a relaxing vacation, but in order to maximize your experience, plan it out!! I like to plan my tours/adventures and have it sorted out WEEKS before the trip. Some popular destinations are only allowed so many tours a year (like The Wave) in order to preserve the land. Be aware of this a plan accordingly. With that being said, lets jump right in!

Phoenix & Scottsdale

I grouped these two together because they are so close to each other (it’s like cypress TX is to Houston). This is low desert and will be hotter than Sedona. The absolute BEST times to visit Phoenix is Nov- April but expect to pay top dollar for your trip, since this is their busy season. As mentioned before, this was my 4th trip to Arizona and I will include a lot of activities and options, but you ideally won’t be able to fit EVERYTHING in one trip. Pick your top favs and enjoy the journey!

Things to Do


Look, Arizona is hot as balls, but you’d really cheat yourself of some amazing views if you didn’t throw in some hikes. Arizona hiking has very unique challenges that I had not faced before and I was actually rather surprised at how hard they could be. Don’t let this statement intimidate you though! The hikes are well made to help guide you, but the do require some actual climbing. You’ll have to climb over boulders and hold on to man made railings and use man made foot/hand holes to get up some of these rocks. The thing is, YOU CAN DO IT!

Tips for Hiking in Arizona:

  • WATER! Listen.. you could literally die if you don’t take this seriously. Pack 3x the amount of water that you think you’ll need. For a two mile hike, Randy and I packed anywhere from 6 to 8 water bottles and at least 1 Gatorade. Some sort of electrolyte replacement should be in your bag because water alone won’t replace everything.
  • TURN AROUND once you’ve gone through half of your water supply. This is a rule, not a suggestion.
  • SHOES should be a non-slip grip styled shoe or hiking boots. As you’ll read below, most hiking places in Arizona consist of slippery sandstone rock. Wearing the wrong shoes can be rather scary as you’ll slip down the rocks easy. I wore my hiking boots for pretty much every hike.
  • CLOTHING should be light and something that can get stained. You’ll be sliding down on your butt for some of the hikes so pack items that can get dirty. Also, if you are worried about getting blisters on your hands, pack some gloves.
  • TIMING is everything. Either wake up early for sunrise or go at sunset, but going midday is an absolute terrible idea. Plan other activities for the middle parts of your day.
  • FLASH LIGHT was super handy this trip. Since we did most of our hikes at sunset, we were often going back down in the dark. A flashlight or headlight is going to be super helpful.

Hole in the Rock

This is a great hike to complete on your first day in Arizona! When Randy and I first landed in Phoenix, it was freaking 115 degrees outside and with NO breeze!! We wanted to catch the sunset, but we were not up for a super hard hike on our first day. Hole-in-the-Rock is a pretty famous spot to catch the sunset without killing yourself to get up there lol. It’s literally a short trail that will take you less that 10 minutes to get up to the top and ANYONE (I mean anyone) can make it up there. Since it is an easy trail, it’s a pretty popular spot at sunrise and sunset (duhh best times in AZ). On our visit, there were at least 3 different photographers set up and over a dozen other people hanging out. Don’t worry! There is plenty of room for all of you up there lol. Bring a blanket and maybe a lil snacky snack and enjoy the view!


Camelback Mountain

This hike was surprisingly challenging! It is considered a “double diamond” hike in terms of difficulty level (and believe it). This is partially because of how steep it is and partially due to the severity of the heat. It’s estimated that 200 rescues happen yearly on the trail!! This is due to poor timing and poor pre-planning for this hike. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take on this hike in the middle of the day or with minimal water. Randy and I had 7 water bottles in my bag (no joke) and we killed all of them. Camelback Mountain via the Echo trail is 2.5 miles long and will require you to be hands free as you’ll be using your entire body to climb. I consider myself a rather healthy person and I struggled A LOT lol! I recommend completing this hike at sunrise or sunset ONLY. Randy and I went at sunset and even then it was still 100 degrees outside. It was much more challenging than expected and we weren’t able to make it to the top due to loss of sunlight, but it was still sooo worth it. Don’t let me scare you from taking on this hike. DO IT, but pace yourself, pack plenty of water and wear proper attire.

Pinnacle Peak Park

Located in Scottsdale, this is a 3.5 mile long popular hike. We did not complete this hike on our trip but it is rated one of the top 5 most recommended hikes in Scottsdale!

Pinnacle Peak Park

Desert Botanical Garden

Located in Scottsdale, this beautiful little kid friendly area offers a nice space to walk around and look at all the unique plants of the desert. You’ll get to see some HUGE cactus up close and get your much needed cacti pictures. Personally, I recommend completing this activity in the morning. You’ll realistically only be there for about two hours or so, and there are so many other activities you’ll want to do in the evenings. It would be be a nice relaxing start to your day! If you’re trying to take some plants home, stop by their cute gift store located in the front. Be sure to check out their website for any upcoming events, location hours and COVID related requirements. Please be aware that they often close at noon and reopen at 5 pm due to the heat. Follow their IG @dbgphx

“It takes a cactus 80 years to just grow one arm!! How old do you think these are?”

Mountain Bike Riding

Ahhh the moment you’ve all be waiting for lol… my wipe out story. Alright soo I was trying something a bit out of my comfort zone when I picked this activity, but I knew this was one of those “take a chance or regret it later” type of activities. When we rented out our bikes, the guy was like “y’all ever mountain biking before?”. I live in Houston where it’s FLAT af, so that was a hard no lol. The guy warned us that these trails were nothing to play around with and there were even some trails that are considered the most dangerous IN THE WORLD (or maybe he was just being dramatic?). He actually recommended an easy trail for us and road with us to the trail start point. It was rocky and bumpy, but these mountain bikes are designed for all that. Honestly, despite eating shit, it was fun!! The easy trail had small hills and was relatively flat so it was fun for anyone. My bad wipe out didn’t happen until literally at the end of the trail guys. LITERALLY THE END LOL. I had just told Randy “omg I see the end! We made it!”, then boom.. I hit a rock wrong while going downhill and flew over my handlebars. So much for being the cool badass girlfriend! That flew right out the window.. or ya know.. over my fucking handlebars. I can laugh about it now lol.. but no lie that shit HURT. I laid on the ground for a hot minute and just kept telling Randy “I just need to sit here and breathe for a sec”. I didn’t cry though lol!! Worst part was the person who pulled up, while I’m dying on the ground, and was like “y’all need me to call help?”. No sir, plz just leave me to die of embarrassment on my own. Soooo with that being said.. I recommend knee pads and gloves for anyone wanting to take this on. The rocks out there are sharp and jagged so they will tear you up.

We went with Cactus Adventures located in Scottsdale. Rentals were $50 a person, but they sometimes charge less if you pay in cash. This company is not a store front and therefore require a reservation. We called the same day and had no problems getting the bikes at the time slot we wanted. I liked this company, as they were really close to the trails and they provided a map and trail details for us. The guy actually CARED about Randy and I’s safety, and when a rescue chopper was flying around the trails, he actually set himself in front of our trail and waited for us to make sure the rescue helicopter wasn’t for us. Here is their website with booking details. Please note that prices online did not match what we were told in person to pay (it was actually cheaper):

Chakra Healing or Balancing

Alright guys, we are going to step out of our comfort zone now!

This is most famously done in Sedona, but we did ours in Phoenix. First let me start of by explaining what this is.. I know each of my wonderful supporters come from all different backgrounds and from all different types of faith. Talk of “Chakras” can be a rather odd topic for the uneducated mind, but if you stick with, this can be a truly healing experience that ANYONE can benefit from. So, Chakras derive from the idea that EVERYTHING in this life is made of energy. Chakras are the energies which dwell inside of you and they can emit good or bad energy based on whether your Chakras are “aligned” (good) or “damaged/unaligned (bad)”. Each Chakra plays a role in how we feel, how we respond to situations and our personalities. A Chakra can become damage or unaligned in many ways, like childhood or sexual trauma, a recent heart break, loss of a job, loss of something that was special to you, or a any painful experience really. A Chakra that has become damage can cause a multitude of issues, like anxiety, depression, a loss of purpose or self-worth, addiction type behaviors, angry out burst, and so on. A damaged Chakra is even thought to cause physical issues, like gut issues or cardiac issue. Look, modern medicine can take care of A LOT, but these practices have been around and practiced by the Hindu faith for a lot longer.

2020 has been a rough year for many people, myself included. While social media can paint a “perfect picture” of anyone’s life, truth is.. we are all battling something in our own personal lives. Whether it’s a past trauma or your own unhealthy behavior habits, this is truly a personal journey. It takes A LOT of self growth to look yourself in the mirror and say “You know what? I want to be better, do better, feel better, and I want to know how.” Randy and I were both been interested in Chakras since our Tulum trip. We wanted a deeper understanding of what Chakras needed realignment within ourselves. We found a place in the area that offered a Chakra reading AND healing. Now, my words of advice on this is, remember they are still operating a business. While they may be “enlightened” or able to read your energies, they may still try to hit you up for lots of money. Stand your ground or take your business elsewhere! Paying over $100 a person for a reading is unacceptable. Randy and I were first quoted $300 a person and we were like nah fam. They dropped the price for us (of course lol) to $100 a person.

So for $100 a person, the process included a palm reading so that she is able to “read” your energy. Now, without sharing too much of my personal life, I will say that I was brought to TEARS during my palm reading (which is conducted privately and not with your friends or partner btw). The lady said that she could read from my energy that my heart Chakra had recently been damaged a year ago (spot on). She said to me, “you are a natural forgiver and you feel like it’s almost to a fault that you forgive people so willingly” (que the tears lol). She said that despite my natural ability to forgive people, I was delaying proper healing for myself because I was refusing to forgive everyone and everything involved in moments that hurt me (which was true). She basically told me that not forgiving them was actually causing a lot of issues within myself. There was much more to my reading but that was just one part that was so profoundly on point. I was then instructed on everything I had to do to realign my Chakra, which included meditation, thoughts to say during my meditation, oils to wear daily, and stones to keep under my pillow or on my person. Obviously my healing was emphasized with techniques on how to heal my heart Chakra (which including the huge talk she gave me on forgiving the people I was still angry with), but each person is different, so each person would get different oils, stones, and meditation tips. This is a form of therapy in itself and Randy and I left with exactly what we needed. This is a personal journey that one should take when they are ready. If you’re closed minded, you won’t receive the message the way it is needed. I highly encourage everyone to give this “odd” idea a try!

For those who are interest, we went with Your Psychic Angel, located in old town Scottsdale. The Chakra healer was very genuine and has even stayed in touch with us after we came home. They have a variety of options to met whatever it is that you are looking for. Check out their website here:

You don’t have to wait until a trip to Arizona to start your healing process. Chakra healers are located everywhere! Look up one in your local area, as well as wellness yoga centers (which practice true yoga), and begin reading about Chakras on your own. There is a great book on Amazon called “Chakra Healing”, which can help you start your journey.

Hot Airballon Ride

SUCH A COOL EXPERENCE!! Look, this is one of those things we all want to do but we are afraid to even risk it. RISK IT! It wasn’t scary up in the air at all and the flight was very smooth and controlled. This was honestly one of the least scary things we did on this trip and was actually rather peaceful. It’s so cool to do this while in Phoenix because, since it’s so dang popular, you’re flying with like 10 other groups!! All different hot airballoon companies from around the city gathered in this one spot to take off. It sort of made me more at ease to see the other balloons take off first and float gracefully away. It also definitely makes for some badass pictures lol

While there are many companies you could choose from, the company we went with is Aerogelic Ballooning, whom I picked due to their COVID special going on. Current listed rate is $179 per person for a sunrise ride that includes Champaign and mimosas at the end. The driver (flyer? lol) has over 40 years of experience and makes you feel super comfortable. He was goofy and had plenty of random facts to share with you throughout the whole trip. I would fly with him again any day!! Check at their website:

Tips for day of

  • It’s a Sunrise ride which means a very early morning. Plan accordingly! Summertime flights take off as early as 4 am!!
  • You can dress cute, but just be ready to climb in a basket. Wear shorts, if needed, under any dresses.
  • It’s chilly in the desert at this time of morning so wear some layers

“What if I fall?”

“Oh but my Darling, what if you fly?”

Erin Hanson

Visit Oldtown Scottsdale

Old town Scottsdale is a MUST!! Spend a day walking around and visiting their many art stores, jewelry stores and cute boutiques. If you’re looking for some authentic native Indian jewelry pieces, you won’t be disappointed. While here, be sure to check out the Sugar Bowl for an ice cream Sunday!! They have been open since 1953 and feel just like an old school diner. If you’re not into sweets, there are plenty other great options in the area to choose from.

Talking Stick Casino

Feeling lucky?? Take your chances at the Talking Stick Resort in their casino! Personally, I love dressing up and heading here on the weekend. Talking stick is known for its wild pool parties, fancy restaurants and dance club located on the top floor. Some amenities are closed due to COVID, but their casino is still in full operation. Check out their website for event updates:

Places to Stay

  • Talking Stick Resort
  • Scottsdale Villa Resort
  • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • Boulders Resort and Spa
  • Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes – Loved staying at this resort! Check it out on Expedia for cheaper rates.

Places to Eat

In todays time, what you eat is almost just as important as what you do on vacation. Eating is part of the experience as well! I will say, Scottsdale and Phoenix had TONS of restaurants to choose from and food was far more superb here than in Sedona. If you’re going to spend money eating out, then do it here!! Take a drive down Scottsdale road as this is nicknamed “restaurant road” and for a good reason too. There were many places we didn’t get to try, but here were our personal favs:

  • Hash Kitchen – Such a fun place!!! Live Dj and HUGE mimosas.
  • Alien Donuts – Cute place with fun and tasty donuts. Try the Chicken and Waffle donut!!
  • Otro Cafe – Located in Phoenix, close to the airport. This was a great place to eat first thing after landing. I had the seasonal sangria (YUM) with the shrimp tacos.
  • Sugar Bowl – Old town Scottsdale’s oldest dessert place. So fun to get a nice, refreshing ice-cream Sunday here after a day of shopping.
  • Obe Breakfast Co. – This was our all time fav brunch place!! Everything had so much flavor and was cooked to perfection. Don’t miss out on this one
  • Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  • Daily Dose Old Town Bar & Grill – Honestly, this place was a disappointment. I’m only adding it to the list to inform you that we felt the food quality was pretty low here. This is an extremely popular spot and the employees are SO nice, but the food was just not worth the hype. My pretzel dish was so salty, I couldn’t even eat it!! It was literally covered in salt like they had just laid the pretzel down in salt instead of sprinkling it on. Randy had pancakes, which lacked in flavor overall. For the money spent, it just was not worth it.


“Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona.” 

Joseph Stacey
Airport Mesa Lookout Point

Sedona truly is a magical place and one of my most favorite cities to visit. Sedona is a two hour drive from Phoenix and can be turned into a day trip. However, there is so much to see and do here that I think you’d regret not staying a few nights. This is high desert and it has never failed me that Sedona gets cold each time I go. I usually have visited in April, March or September and each time, the days were warm and the nights were chilly.

Things to Do


The BEST place to get your hikes in, is in the heart of Sedona. There are literally so many options to choose from and there is absolutely no way you’ll do them all in one trip. Here, you’ll hear a lot about “energy vortex” and if you’re new to this type of stuff, then you’ll be like huh?? da fuk?? What’s a vortex and why the hell is everyone coming to see it? lol

Energy vortexes are considered to be power surges of the earths own energy. Whether or not you believe, people come from all of the world to pray, meditate, dance and perform rituals in these spots. If you visit, I encourage not only respect on this topic but also try to feel it yourself.. This land was first accessed by Native Indians and was bless by their own rituals. For a deeper understanding on Vortexes in Sedona, click this link:,spirals%20downward%2C%20entering%20the%20earth.

Airport Mesa

This is an amazing place to overlook all of Sedona, and for those interested, a great place to meditate since it is an energy vortex. There are two access points, one at the start of the Airport Mesa trail itself, and the other is further up the road at Airport Mesa Lookout Point. Personally, I liked starting my journey at the Airport Mesa Lookout Point because it really gives you some incredible views. This is not a difficult hike by all means but it is very popular. We went and caught the sunset here and so did everyone else in town lol. It was still peaceful and watching the sunset here is magical, but if you’re looking for more privacy, shoot for a different time of day. Also, watch your surroundings while hiking on there trails! Wild life still exists here and I’ve seen a rattle snake once and a giant ass spider on my last visit (yuckkkk).

Cathedral Rock

Not to be confused with Chapel of Holy Cross, which is located in Sedona and is a church (I will discuss this later). Cathedral Rock is a moderate to challenging hike with some awesome views at the end. I say this can be a challenging hike for those afraid of heights, as you’ll be climbing up steep boulders. It can be rather intimidating at first glance, but this is an extremely popular hike and was well designed for any climber. They have man-made rock formations, that look like trash cans, which helps mark the easiest path up. If you follow the “trash cans”, you’ll find foot and hand rock cut outs that make it MUCH easier to get up. You’ll see people not following the path, especially on the way down, and it is rather easy to slip if you veer off. Online it states that this is a “dog friendly trail”, but unless you plan on literally carrying them up with you, I’d say leave the fur babies at home. Kids could be a challenge on this hike as well. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see a “end of trail” sign, but dare devils don’t pay any attention to that lol. If you go right, you can capture the “edge of the cliff” look that Randy did (I’m a chicken so, that was a no for me dawg). If you follow the trail to the left, you’ll find this tall looking structure that sorta looks like it’s flicking me off?

Devils Bridge

Unfortunately, I have not experienced the beauty of this trail YET. From what I’ve been told, the hike in can be rather long and flat. Prepare to be hiking several miles if you decide to take this trail on by foot. There are Pink Jeep tour options for this trail as well.

This amazing shot was by IG: its_genc

Peace Park

This is a newer addition to Sedona! Very peaceful place to visit for meditation, prayer, or just some silence. I’d recommend a nice sunrise meditation here!

Slide Rock State Park

After a hot day of hiking, you can head down to the popular spot Slide Rock to cool off!

Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village

Sedona has MANY beautiful outdoor hikes, but Sedona was literally built for artist! This small town attracted artist from all over the world and together they are what made this city become what it is today. One of my favorite things to do is to walk around the Tlaquepaque shopping Village and view all the little art shops. The Village itself is incredibly beautiful and makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into Spain! We loved it so much, that we turned our evening into a mini photoshoot haha. There were just too many beautiful spots to take pictures in!! Before you ask, no, we did not plan on matching that day either lol.

While there, be sure to enjoy some of the yummy treats! My favorite treat to get is chai tea and sit on the balcony at The Chai Spot. Seriously guys, don’t miss out on this one!! Fun little peaceful place that I could spend hours at.

Pink Jeep Tours

If you need a break from all the walking, a Pink Jeep Tour is definitely a good option to help you view the popular spots! I will be honest with you all and say that I have never done a Pink Jeep Tour. Tours run anywhere from $80 to $200!! I just can’t justify spending that when it’s free to WALK the trail, but each to their own. Plenty of people do tours with them and absolutely love it! Check out tour availability and options here:

Chapel of Holy Cross

This is an extremely popular spot. Like seriously… I’ve been 4 times lol. This is a church build along side the red rock canyons. It’s so well blended in, that if you don’t know it’s there, you won’t even see it! Whether you’re religious or not, it’s still a pretty cool place to go visit. It shouldn’t take up more than a couple hours of your day.

Take a Drive through Flagstaff

On one of your days in Sedona, you should take a drive through Flagstaff down Oak Creek Canyon. Arizona has so many beautiful places to offer and this is at the top of the list. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this.

Places to Stay

Sedona has MANY amazing choices, but it can get a bit pricey! I have provided several options depending on your personal budget. I splurged a little on my stay, because the views and location were just unbeatable. Here are my TOP 3 Airbnb picks

#1 This BEAUTIFUL location stole my dang heart. I’m placing this as my number one because it was an absolute pleasure staying here. It is a two bedroom, four bed stay. Full kitchen, with appliances, and everything you could possibly need. It’s close to all the best hiking trails and the main town area. Best part about it though, was the VIEWS! You can watch my full video tour located on my IG. This location was worth every penny. Check availability at:

#2 This cute little tiny home is perfect for a couple or small family. Best part about it?! THE PRICE IS ONLY $88!! Check out availability at:

#3 This place is so cool!!! I really almost booked this one, but I waited too long to book it and lost out on the chance. This will be the most expensive choice of the 3, but one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences. Check out availability here:

Places to Eat

  • The Coffee Pot – Very famous spot to get breakfast or lunch
  • Oak Creek Brewery and Grill – The beer is good, but the food was less impressive for my last visit. I’ve gone to this restaurant since I was a young girl, but the food was very meh this past visit. Rather pricey as well. Come for the beer but enjoy a meal elsewhere.
  • Red Rock Cafe – The Banana Bread French Toast was to die for!!
  • Sedona Beer Company
  • Butterfly Burger

Other Things to Do in Arizona

Horseshoe Bend

This beauty is located 3 hours away from Sedona! Randy and I turned it into a full day road trip from Sedona. We went down Oak Creek Canyon scenic drive, then continued towards Horseshoe Bend. This beautiful hot spot was worth the 3 hour drive lol.

Despite it being a 3 hour drive, it’s far from boring. You’ll pass abandoned hotels (spooky), drive through large canyons, pass by Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, and you’ll pass the painted desert and Grand Canyon! Whew!! That’s a lot!! But Seriously, start your day early and enjoy all these hot spots!!

Page Arizona

If you make the drive ALL THE WAY to Horseshoe Bend, then you might as well drive 15 more minutes to Page. Here, you’ll find the Hoover Dam and Lake Powell. Randy and I found a dirt road (located just before Hoover Dam), which led us to this beautiful Canyon. The Canyon was easy to hike and we hiked it all the way down to the lake. There are also boat rental options and even kayak tours that will take you through Horseshoe Bend.

Antelope Canyon

This land is currently closed due to COVID, as it is Navajo Nation and the Navajo’s are being affected greatly at the moment. I was so bummed I couldn’t write this one off my bucket list, but of course I understand. If you’re able to go, then don’t miss out! This is also close to Horseshoe Bend and Page so I’d plan to hit this up all in the same day.

Grand Canyon

Well duhhh lol. Of course the Grand Canyon is an option in Arizona, but I personally don’t find it the most spectacular part of Arizona. I did do the helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon and that was badass!! Go big or go home lol. Of course there are options for the thrill seeker, like white water rafting (closed for the 2020 season), and overnight camping trips.

The Painted Desert

Located about an hour from Flagstaff, the Painted Desert is a unique part of the desert. It got its name from all the rich colors these canyons have. They say, if you go at sunset, you will watch all the rich reds turn to beautiful hues of purple and blues. While there, you can step instead the Petrified Forest National Park. Be in awe of the fact that a whole ass forest used to be located in this now baren land. A Volcano was to blame for this forest ultimate death, but the lava preserved the trees and turned them into beautiful 200 million year old rocks. Call me nerdy, but I found this place to be so fascinating.

City of Holbrook

Right on Route 66, this cute little town looks a whole lot like a popular Disney movie…


Barringer Crater

Also known as the meteor that was though to have killed off the Dinosaurs. Pretty cool place to visit at least once. You’ll be amazed at how massive this Crater really is.. and compared to the size meteor that created it..

Barringer Crater

Havasupai Falls

A very popular spot. Reservations required!!!

My loves, I believe this concludes my Arizona blog! I have packed this FULL of vacation ideas for you all, so now you can get to planning! I know it looks like a lot, but pick your top “must-see” places and just go from there. The best part about all this, is that this is mother nature created art and it will always be here for your viewing. For more pictures or video, be sure to follow my IG. Leave a comment with any remaining questions you may have! Thank you all for taking to time to read my blog. Happy Travels!

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