Amazon Must-Haves for Nursing School

Nursing School sucks, but there are definitely life hacks to make it more enjoyable and better. Here are some items that kept me going while I was in school. I know that most of you are likely living on a limited budget while in school. While I was in school, I had to make $50 a week cover my gas, food AND school expenses. With that in mind, I’ve done my best to select items that fit within a students budget. Make sure to prioritize correctly and put more money in your tools to success over anything else. For example, don’t buy a pen light if you haven’t even ordered yourself a student planner yet.


This is this back bone to your success! Time management will be the ONLY way you survive nursing school. A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. If you can’t get your organization down, you’ll find yourself all over the place and wayy more stressed out than need be. Step one to success in nursing school is GET ORGANIZED (coming from the most unorganized creature on this earth lol)

#1 A Planner

This is truly a must have. You need to plan out study time, test days, and project days. If you’re a tad scatter brained, like myself, there will be NO way you can manage remember all your assignments on your own. Click on the link to see the other design options

#2 Go Girl Planner

Just another cute option for a planner. I actually purchased their “Go Girl” budget planner to keep all my expenses in check!

#3 Colored Tabs

*Hint* you’ll probably want to sell those textbooks one day… take care of them and don’t bend up all the pages!

#4 A Nurses Favorite Pen

Don’t leaves these laying around! They might disappear for good lol

#5 Note Taking Markers

These are great for my visual learners. I’m a big reader myself, but when it came to taking notes, I had to get creative or else I would daze off reading my own notes. I made my information color coded and would put it in words that helped ME understand the information better. Don’t get too carried away making your notes pretty though. Just focus on making it understandable and readable! I saw many nursing students create BEAUTIFUL notes, but they spent more time creating the notes and did not leave enough time to actually study them.

#6 Backpack w/ USB Charging

Obviously, a well made backpack will be needed for nursing school! Protect your back and get a good backpack


#7 Clip Board with Storage Space

This was helpful to have during clinicals. This helps with holding any assignments you may be given during your clinical. Don’t want to lay any assignments in some mystery liquids!

#8 Watch with a Second Hand

Most nursing schools get weird about digital watches. It’s annoying but most schools DO require a watch with second hand (so you can count those respiration’s of course)

#9 White Nurse Clogs

I was never a huge fan of the clogs, but for those who are, here is a great option! My school had a “white shoe only” requirement, so be sure to clarify your school dress code for clinicals.

#10 Pen Light

You’ll probably hardly ever use this as a nurse lmfao…. BUT you’ll need it for school so definitely get one.

#11 Scissors

#12 Littman Lightweight $47 – $53

Your first stethoscope is always a special one! I’m posting several options for all budget limits, that way you can select the one best suited for you. Littman is KNOWN to be the best of the best, and is personally the only brand I’ve owned. Here is a nice, cheaper version if you’re not able to drop $100 on a stethoscope just yet.

#13 MDF Lightweight $23

I personally have never owned or used a MDF stethoscope, so I can’t speak on the quality. I did have a few nurse friends, in school, who owned MDFs and they had no complaints.

#14 Littmann Classic III $80

This is the stethoscope I used throughout nursing school AND I received a new one after graduation that I use everyday at work. Quality is great and the stethoscope could last you YEARS before ever needing a new one

#15 MDF Rose Gold $80

This is a super cute stethoscope for all my fashion divas! I’ve wanted one myself, but I don’t see the point of owning three stethoscopes

#16 Storage Case

Instead of just throwing your stethoscope into your bag, with all your other school supplies, take care of it and put it in this nice hard case. Old friends of mine bought this for me as a Christmas gift, and I still use it to this very day.

#17 Nurse in Progress

Lets be real (reel hehe), that wack ass badge reel you get for free from you school ain’t it, girl. Here are a couple cute nursing student ones I found for you all!

#18 Future Nurse

#19 Nurse Fat Cat

Literally so dang cute!

#20 Clinical Bag

It helps to have a bag just for clinical days. I had a bag about this size and I found it extremely useful!

#21 Stethoscope Name Tag

You get a bunch of students together, with all the same stethoscope, then you’re bound the get them mixed up. Also…watch out for those pesky doctors with sticky fingers! All the money in the world could not convince a doctor to purchase his own damn stethoscope *eye rolls*

#22 Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! You’re already sacrificing enough sleep in nursing school, so you’ll need to keep your brain hydrated and healthy.

Books for Nursing School

#23 Dosage Calculation

Struggling with dosage calculations? This is the number one recommended book for helping with that!

#24 Drug Guide

Required by most nursing school and most clinical locations. You can actually be asked to go home if you do not have this book with you. I found that rather silly, but some clinical professors take that extremely seriously.

#25 ATI Nursing Education Complete Set

If your school uses the “ATI” system (such as Chamberlain does), then you’ll want to purchase the ATI book set! This was my life saver and well worth the money.


#26 NCLEX Game

#27 NCLEX Prep-book

I definitely used this while I was in nursing school. It simplifies the answers by a lot!

Fun Stuff

Alright, so you’ve gotten all the necessary items for nursing school, so now it’s time to have some fun.

#28 Nursing School Shirt

Because.. you really can’t lol

#29 Panic Shirt

Ugh those care plans though

#30 Drop it like it’s hot

#31 So she did Mug

#32 Key Chain

#33 Wine Glass

You’ll wine a lot

#33 Blue Light Glasses

Protects your eyesight from blue light (light put off by computers), and helps improves sleep.

#34 Nurse Coloring Book

#35 Shot Glasses

Thank you for checking out my blog! Follow me on IG for sneak peaks on my up and coming blogs and leave a comment to recommend any topics you’re interested in knowing more about. Take care my loves and good luck with school! – Amber Rose

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