Tulum, Mexico

No doubt, Tulum one of the most unique places I’ve traveled thus far. Its amazing life sized art work, fresh foods and holistic way of life is a great way to reset your mind. If you live the fast paced city life, it’s easy to get lost in the rat race and to forget what really matters in life. Tulum strips all of the stress away and challenges you to ask yourself “are you really happy”? This is a great place to go and re-balance with what really matters in this life. My partner and I left Tulum more spiritually connected to each other and to what we really want.

Places to Stay

Nomade Tulum

Morning Breakfast with a View

Nomade Tulum hotel was an amazing “down to earth” experience. This was the hotel my group stayed at and the one, I believe, has the most to offer. Nomade has a variety of unique rooms you can choose from which ranges from a Tent, a Villa or a Treehouse option. This hotel offers free complimentary breakfast, which is helpful considering “all-inclusive” resorts are not really an option in Tulum. This was a great spiritual location which offers FREE (we love free) Yoga classes each morning at 8:30 am. Throughout the week, they offered other special classes, like how to open your Chakras, deep breathing meditation, and even couples counseling.

I recommend taking advantage of these classes, even if they are out of your comfort zone. My group found ourselves more grounded and received a spiritual awakening that we didn’t even realize we needed. We found the meditation classes to be very rewarding and decided to implement meditation into our own daily lives. I think this could be a great experience for any couple looking to develop an even closer bond with each other.

The Yoga Shala

I stayed in the Treehouse, which is suspended 7 meters into the air! The room is fit for one couple and would be rather uncomfortable if you tried to squeeze anymore than two people in a room. Showers are located outside and yes.. people can see you. But the great thing about Nomade though, is that you don’t care if anyone sees you showering.

Tree House

Wifi and AC is included in your stay with any room. As mentioned earlier, breakfast is complimentary and includes a fruit and bread plate. Lunch, dinner and drinks are available for purchase. Despite being a bit pricey, we were all extremely satisfied with our meals here. I definitely recommend the shrimp or fish tacos! Currently, Nomade is running a summer special making the rooms cost about $150-265 a night. Take advantage of this special because the Treehouse room normally runs $530 a night!!

Casa Malca

Casa Malca is located directly next to Nomade and has a VERY different vibe to it. While Nomade has a very Hippy/Indy vibe, Casa Malca took a modern approach and has a very interesting history behind it…

Casa Malca

Casa Malca used to be Pablo Escobar’s very own home. Yes, you CAN stay in one of the worlds largest drug lords home… The home was abandoned after Pablo Escobar’s death in 1994 and was later bought by an Artist from NY. This artist added many creative art exhibits that makes this hotel a hot spot to snap some IG photos!!

Chandelier Room
See No Evil Room

Casa Malca also has food and beverages available for the public. On the beach, you can get yourself fresh sushi and drinks. Inside, there is a small restaurant that offers tacos for lunch and a limited dinner menu. Cocktails were absolutely delicious here, but will cost $12 or more a drink. Casa Malca current room rates varies from $331 a night to $551 a night.

Hotel Zebra (La Zebra)

Beach Front Room

My group and I went to La Zebra for dinner and I loved the hotel layout. I’ve included this hotel in my blog because it will be on the more affordable range for most. Hotel Zebra’s rooms each had their own cute tiny pool that faces the ocean and is located right in front of the room. The current rate for these rooms are running about $180 – $200 a night.

Things to Do

Tour the City of Tulum

Raw Love

Touring the city of Tulum itself can be very exciting. Tulum is wildly unique with art features, such as the one pictured above, spread out throughout the city. You can choose to walk, ride a bike, or get a taxi to make your way through the city. During the day, it’s just a bit too hot to explore the city, so I recommend going out around 6:30 – 7 pm. There are restaurants, bars, and little shops along the way. My group and I enjoyed getting dinner at some of the “beach clubs” found along the main street. Touring the other hotels located along the strip is also a nice way to explore Tulum and it’s many art hidden art features.

Deep Sea Fishing

Reel Hooker

Deep sea fishing off the coast of Mexico is definitely a 5 star experience. While there are many boats you can choose from, we went with “Reel Hooker” and had a blast. We caught over 18 fish and the crew made us fresh Ceviche with the fish we caught. Also included in our service was beer, water and sodas.

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Mayan Ruins

Unfortunately, due to COVID, my group was not able to attend the Tulum Mayan Ruins tour. I am not able to remark on the experience itself, but I have heard many wonderful things from others who have gone. This is one thing I can not wait to go back and experience for myself and I highly recommend y’all to not skip out on this tour, if you’re able to go.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! For information on what I bought just for my trip, be sure to check out my blog “Amazon Must Haves for your Beach Vacation”.

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