Amazon Must Haves for Your Beach Vacation

Before going on vacation, we all LOVE to stock up cute new items. With that being said, I wanted to look great without breaking my bank. The items listed below were my MUST HAVES that I found on amazon. More more saved = more money for the vacation itself! Click on the picture icons to view and purchase the items listed.


#1 Ray-Ban look alike Sunglasses

If you’ll be spending ANYTIME on the beach, then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair of sunglasses. These are a great way to get the Ray-Ban look without the Ray-Ban price. After purchasing several pairs for myself and for friends, I can assure the quality is top notch! These glasses are a perfect option for both women and men. Click on the picture above to view their 25 different options and to snag yourself pair!

Ray-Ban look alike Sunglasses

Beach Hats

Now that we took care of protecting your eyes, lets protect your face AND look cute doing it!

#2: Fedora Hat

This hat has been my ultimate favorite accessory. In fact, I loved it so much that I bought it in THREE colors. My obvious favorite color is the camel color, as pictured above. It goes great with anything and everything!

Camel Fedora Hat

#3 Floppy Beach Hat

This adorable beach hat is ONLY $20 and is great for traveling since it rolls up (like a burrito lolz). It comes in 21 different colors and styles! My favorite being the “always on vacation” option. This is a super cute accessory to add to your vacation wardrobe. Click the picture above to view all the options.

Floppy Beach hat in Black

Beach Cover-Ups

Below are my top 4 favorite beach cover-ups found on Amazon that WON’T break the bank!

#4 Long Beach Kimono

I’ve seen this for sale on several boutique websites for $40+. On Amazon, you can snag this cute and stylish Kimono for $24.99! It has 8 different color options, so click the picture above to view them!

#5 Gold Maxi Cover-Up

#6 Pants Swimsuit Cover-Up

#7 Beach Skirt Cover-Up

Beachy Outfits

We all love to go to the beach and put on those cute tropical outfits. Here are a few I found on amazon that I think you babes could totally rock!

#8 Boho Dress

This super sexy boho dress just HAD to be added to the list. This one is a steal, sitting at only $24.99 AND with boutique quality!!

#9 Tropical Romper

#10 White Tropical Romper

This romper is a steal at only $18!

#11 Tropical Romper with Maxi Skirt

This adorable outfit is nearly EXACTLY like the one I purchased from Fashion Nova, but the price on Amazon is much better sitting at only $28.

#12 Tropical Maxi Dress

This one sits at a higher price than my other outfits shared, but it’s still a super cute option for $32.

#13 Keepin’ it Classy Tropical Dress


Traveling with your gals? Get yourselves some cute matching PJs!

#14 Topical Pjs

#15 Silk Tropical Pjs

Travel Necessities

#16 Waterproof Cell Phone Bag

This is a LIFE SAVER!!! Believe it or not, I jumped in the ocean with my phone in this and recorded underwater. I assure you all that it works lol.

#17 Luggage Tags

Don’t forget to get some luggage tags for those bags of yours! Since your headed somewhere sunny, here are some super cute beachy ones for $7.

#18 Passport Cover

I loved my passport cover. It helped keep my boarding pass and passport all easily in hand.

#19JBL Speaker

I don’t go anywhere without my JBL speaker. If you don’t own one already, then is a must have! It’s waterproof and extremely durable.

#20 Charging Bank

What’s worse than a dead phone? A dead phone, on the beach, in mexico.. AKA no music and no IG pictures. This was extremely helpful to carry around and was used throughout my entire trip.

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