Amber Rose: About Me

Hey guys! 

I’m so happy to FINALLY be able to bring this blog post to you all! I became inspired to help nursing students (and future nursing students), while I was in nursing school. Nursing school was extremely hard and can often make you feel as though you are too stupid to complete it. My goal is to inspire others to keep pushing through hard times because I know for a fact you can make it.

So a little bit about me! I am 24 years old and I live in Houston Texas. I attended Chamberlain College of Nursing and I graduated this past August 2018. Despite what many of my followers think, getting into nursing school was not easy for me. I was never one to study for exams and I was pretty good at just “winging it”. That was until college! My first year was a huge wake up call after I had failed two classes and dropped another. I worked harder my second year but I was still falling short of excellence and I knew my GPA was no where close to Nursing School standards. As I ended my second year in college, I spoke with an advisor who basically had nothing positive to say to me. Everyone’s attitude towards me was “if you can’t make the grades now, you’ll never survive nursing school”. Yeah that’s super encouraging right? I never take no as answer though and continued to push on with the small hope I’d actually make it.

Student nurse on the left and RN on the right!

After getting my Associates Degree in Science, my GPA was finally high enough to apply to SOME nursing schools. I waited a whole year to hear back from the one school I was dying to go to. I got impatient one day and decided to call admissions and speak with them about my application. A snarky lady got on the phone with me to tell me I would not be accepted “with a GPA like that”, and she went on to tell me that she didn’t know of any nursing school that would. She finished off with “why don’t you try LVN school”. I was completely crushed…

Nursing School Graduation cap

After 3 days of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go and check out Chamberlain College of Nursing! They accepted me with open arms and tons of positivity. I was enrolled into their nursing program within 8 weeks of my initial visit! Nursing school was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but, I DID IT! I did it despite all the mistakes I had made and despite being told, by every advisor and professor, that I would never survive nursing school. I share this story because I want others, like myself, to know there IS hope. Even if everything seems impossible, and you’ve made a million mistakes, you can still do this!!

My favorite professor at Chamberlain

During my final semester of nursing school, I interviewed for several Nurse Residency positions from all the different Hospital systems in Houston. I accepted a position in a level 2 ER with the StaRN Nurse Residency program. I worked this hospital job for about 4 months but, unfortunately due to financial issues, they decided to close that hospital. I am currently in process of starting a new job in a level 2 trauma ER that is the second largest ER in Houston and the busiest ER within my hospital system. I can’t wait to let you all know how that goes!

StaRN Graduation

I believe in being completely transparent about my life, about my mistakes, and talking openly about the lessons I’ve learned. I love being a positive influencer, but that won’t stop me from talking about those tough and uncomfortable subjects! I want to help make health care a better place and part of that begins with YOU! You’ll one day be the face of health care so I believe it’s important you know what you’re getting yourself into. Nursing school wasn’t easy, but it’s because nursing itself is HARD. The great news is that nursing is such a versatile career. You’ll always have a job and you can change that job at anytime. Follow along with my blog and I am certain you will find the place in health care that is right for you. If any of you have questions, feel free to ask!

Nurses Inspire Nurses

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